Can You Top “Too Tall”?

Can You Top “Too Tall”?

Is Back for the 2019 NFL Season

Compete against Ed “Too Tall” Jones to predict the winners of each week’s games! Submit your winners each week for a chance to win weekly prizes, as well as a chance to win a grand-prize of two (2) tickets to the 2020 Pro-Bowl game with two (2) nights hotel in Orlando, Florida!

Can You Top “Too Tall”? – Week 10

Only one entry per player. If multiple entries are submitted, your first entry will be the one scored. Entries submitted after 12:00PM CST on Sunday will not be scored.

Welcome to Can You Top Too Tall? - Sunday Pro Football Pick Em - Week 10

Lions at Bears
Ravens at Bengals
Bills at Browns
Chiefs at Titans
Falcons at Saints
Giants at Jets
Cardinals at Buccaneers
Dolphins at Colts
Panthers at Packers
Rams at Steelers
Vikings at Cowboys

2019 Winners for Can You Top “Too Tall”?

Week 1 – Curtis Harris

Week 2 – Jamie Tessier

Week 3 – Anthony Montez

Week 4 – John Harkins

Week 5 – Scott Thomas

Week 6 – Gregory Woolford

Week 7 – Eduardo Vega

Week 8 – Roberto Rios

Week 9 –

Week 10 –

Week 11 –

Week 12 –

Week 13 –

Week 14 –

Week 15 –

Week 16 –

Week 17 –

Grand Prize Winner –