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Can You Top “Too Tall”?

Compete against Ed “Too Tall” Jones to predict the winners of each week’s games!

Submit your winners each week for a chance to win weekly prizes, as well as a chance to win a grand-prize of two (2) tickets to the 2018 Pro-Bowl game with two (2) nights hotel in Orlando, Florida!

Be sure you get your picks in before noon on Sunday!

Can You Top “Too Tall?” Winners

Week 1 – Kristina Senna

Week 2 – No Winner

Week 3 – Michael Hastings

Week 4 – Darren Hunt

Week 5 – Virgil Garrison

Week 6 – Shirley Miller

Week 7 – Nicholas Navarro

Week 8 – Brian Gallagher

Week 9 – Jeff Manning

Week 10 –

Week 11

Welcome to Can You Top "Too Tall"? Week 11 - NFL Sunday Games

Dallas Cowboys at Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions
Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Giants
Houston Texans at Washington Redskins
Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars
Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens
Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals
Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers
Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints
Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears

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